Goodbye Social Life

I seriously can’t wait to play Civilization Beyond Earth!

I’ll be honest with you….After putting almost 200 hours into Civilization V, I’m starting to get a little bit sick of it. I was sort of late joining the amazingness that is Civ V; not actually playing it until the time Brave New World came out.  I now love the turn-based 4x genre after Civ V introduced me to it! Sid Meir’s upcoming installment to the series – Civilization Beyond Earth is set to come out this Fall.

A spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri, Beyond Earth shares much of that game’s development team, as well as many concepts which were introduced in the 1999 title. The game’s setting is unique to the Civilization series in that it takes place in the future, with mankind traveling through space and founding colonies on extraterrestrial planets following an event called “The Great Mistake”.

^ All that’s straight from wikipedia, because I’m too lazy to summarize this in my own words. I’m a horrible person, I know.


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